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Chipembi Girls' Secondary School

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We are a grant aided boarding school, which means we receive very little
funding from our government in comparison with the public School is. Our pupils
do pay school fees to supplement government efforts and it is from these fees
that the school meets most of its needs.
Chipembi School for Girls runs a farm which has a number of agricultural
enterprises ? maize and other vegetables; livestock (beef, pigs and poultry); and
fruit. This helps the dietary needs and welfare of the girls, and also helps to keep
costs low. The aim is to be self-sufficient at the school and to sell any surplus.
The girls also learn good husbandry and other farm skills.
Our School has 722 pupils and 37 teachers, all full-time. We have a 5 grade
system, each running for 1 year.
1. Grade 8: 135 (4 classes)
2. Grade 9: 131 (3 classes)
3. Grade 10: 138 (3 classes)
4. Grade 11: 133 (3 classes)
5. Grade 12: 135 (3 classes)
Grade 8 and 9 are junior classes while grades 10 to 12 are senior classes. Upon
completing secondary school education, our pupils pursue further education
(College and University).
We have the following subjects for junior and senior classes, respectively:
? English, French, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Civics, Agricultural
science, Religious Education, Office Practice and Home Economics2
? English, French, Literature in English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology,
Agricultural science, Geography, History, Religious Education, Food &
Nutrition, and commerce.
The aforementioned subjects are taught by subject specialists, according to their
Diploma/Degree qualifications.
Our school mission statement states:
?To provide life-long quality education, impart life skills, create girl-friendly and
conducive environment.?
We are really excited at the possibility of establish a partnership with your school
that will be enriching in all kinds of ways