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Choma Secondary School

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History of David Kaunda School

Historical Event(s)


The construction of the Training Centre began in the New Capital, at the present day, David Kaunda National Technical High School.


Training Centre was opened by Sir. Hubert Young, Governor of Northern Rhodesia with 36 apprentices for courses in Building, Thatching and Carpentry. The first principal was Mr. F. Hodgeson.


Elementary School was opened alongside the Trades School to cater for children of Askari of Northern Rhodesia Regiment with Mr. A.S.C. Ramtwe as the Head Master.
The Elementary and Trades School became Munali Training Centre adding an upper middle normal school.


The upper middle school was transferred to Jeanes School at Chalimbana and a Junior Secondary School was added to Munali Training Centre


The Primary Section of the school was transferred to Chilenje to allow for further expansion of the Trades School.


Primary School separated from the Trades Centre. The Primary School was then taken to the present day Munali High School while the Trades Centre remained at the present day David Kaunda National Technical High School. The Trades Centre was then renamed as Hodgeson Technical College (HTC) with Mr. Hodgeson as Principal.

25th September 1961

The new buildings that were erected by the students at the Hodgeson Technical College were officially opened by His Excellency, the Governor Sir Evelyn Hone K.C.M.G.


The Hodgeson Technical College was transformed into a Technical Secondary School and named David Kaunda Technical Secondary School in memory of the father of our first Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda, by Mr J.M. Mwanakatwe, S.C., then Minister of Education.


The first group of form fives graduated.


The school abolished the Junior secondary school section.


The School enrolled the first batch of girls in line with Government policy on education.


The first batch of grade 12 girls graduated.


The school changed its name to David Kaunda National Technical High School and introduced the ?A? level programme.


The School became a Board and was called David Kaunda National Technical High School Board.